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The main advantage of using pellets is their price stability which becomes clear when compared to other energy sources. See in detail.  If you want to limit your energy bills and protect the climate, we have the right solution for you! You can bet on this naturally renewable source in the natural cycle.

The raw material used in the production of pellets is exclusively natural, untreated wood. Primarily shavings and sawdust are processed as they accumulate in large amounts during industrial wood processing. This unused wood from local forests is a natural product without traces of bark and is compressed and pelletized under high pressure. Small cylinder rolls are produced which get their firmness from the pressurisation process, without using any added chemical or synthetic binders – which is naturally good. The advantages are therefore obvious:

A clean fuel with low moisture content and high calorific value.

This is guaranteed by continuous quality checks.

Another advantage of this efficient fuel is its easy delivery and storage in any dry cellar, silo, underground tank or another external container system. See also transfer systems.

The replacement of e.g. oil heating is therefore easy. An auger or pellet suction system ensures that the pellet boiler is automatically supplied with fuel. This is a fully automatic and comfortable heating solution.

Learn more about the delivery of pellets