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Top Light Zero

Our generation of Biotech pellet boilers TopLight Zero LDE immediately catches the eye and combines proven quality with the simplest operation. The product is available in three different performance ranges and provides a solution for households of every size: 11 kW, 15 kW and 20 kW.

As usual, the requirements have been set high:

  • the highest possible efficiency and a long life cycle,
  • a simple design with small space requirements
  • an ideal design for operation and maintenance thanks to a unique modern design

A ~14 cm Touch-Screen Colour Display provides the user with clear information about the efficient heating system and enables different options to be set easily. Considering the wide-spread use of smartphones, tablets etc., this system can be easily controlled using these devices.

An easy to open access point allows the user easy access to the inside of the boiler.

An absolute novelty on the market is the careful selection of materials used for the TopLight Zero LDE model which are 100 % recyclable. The management of Biotech is firmly convinced that environmental consideration must go hand in hand with leading technology.

This innovative boiler is therefore environmentally friendly in two respects: on the one hand, all its components are reusable, and on the other hand, the Top Light Zero LDE achieves low emissions both at minimum as well as maximum capacity, with equal performance.

Details of the Features