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A system for large private properties and commercial premises. Also available as a tandem system with a power range of up to 85 kW. All Biotech innovations such as automatic fuel detection, air flow sensor, fully automated operation, ash compression etc. are included.  In combination with a wide range of designs, this system is ideal for all commercial applications.

  • Lambda Sensor Regulation
  • Heat Exchanger with automatic cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Combustion System (high temperature resistant) with automatic cleaning
  • Lambda Sensor Regulation
  • Primary Air Regulation using air flow sensors
  • Secondary Air Regulation using air flow sensors
  • Automatic Ignition
  • Ash Pan with ash compression
  • High Performance Suction Turbine for vacuum systems
  • Pellet Tank for cca 134 kg pellets
  • Speed Regulation Suction Fan
  • Microprocessor control unit with full graphic display
  • Menu Navigation Screen
  • Contact for External Help

Details of the Features