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Design Options


The following design options are available for pellet heating systems:

Auger System

Complete emptying of the storage space is guaranteed (a sloping wood or metal floor with a 40 to 45 degrees inclination. A combination with our Biotech vacuum systems gives you a free choice of heating design (please note: maximum hose length of 10 m with a maximum height difference of 3 m).

Suction Sensor System

The Biotech Energietechnik Standard Vacuum design is highly flexible and affordable. The pellets are transported into the pellet tank using a vacuum in a particularly efficient manner (no augers and motors). There can be any number of suction points fitted; the design of the heating system can be chosen freely (Attention: maximum hose length of 10 m with a maximum height difference of 3 m)  

Underground Tank System

The underground tank system saves space. The underground pellet tank completely eliminates the need for storage space in new buildings. The specially designed underground tank provides optimum storage for pellets.

Sack Silo System

Using a sack silo eliminates the need for additional construction in the storage space (e.g. sloping floors, pressure relief of the entrance doors etc.). Furthermore, a sack silo allows pellets to be stored directly in the heating chamber. (please note: country specific regulations must be respected!)


An ideal and safe solution for every space: The Biotech Woodchip Heating System Design.

Auger channel, leaf spring agitator, stoker auger incl. flap tested for back-burn safety.
(Connection to the left or right side of the boiler)​