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Features of Biotech-Pellet Heating Systems


Dual Combustion Control®

The revolutionary combustion technology DCC ® is used in all heating systems. Using a combination including air flow sensors, the quality of the pellet fuel is automatically detected and combustion parameters are adjusted accordingly.

DCC® ensures high efficiency and operational safety with low emissions in each operation.

More information on DCC

Stainless Steel Burners

Our burners are made of high temperature resistant stainless steel and ensure:

  • a short reaction time for partial loads
  • that no thermal safety equipment is therefore required
  • long life of the equipment

Furthermore, our burner grates are automatically cleaned of any fire residue on a daily basis.

Lambda Probe Adjustment

In other words: the combustion of pellets can only happen in an efficient and clean manner using a lambda probe. Otherwise, it is just a kind of “bonfire” as there is little data available about the actual state of combustion.

The lambda probe provides continuous data about the oxygen residues in combusted gases. In combination with air flow sensors, it allows the system to automatically recognise the pellet type used (dust contents, size of pellets, moisture content etc.) and to adjust the combustion parameters accordingly.

This ensures a high degree of efficiency as well as low emissions values.

Micro Processor Control Unit

The controls: a number of options and easy to use!
This involves a simple and user friendly operation system using a modern microprocessor control system with a LCD screen. The Top-Light Zero is fitted with a 14 cm colour display and a control option using a tablet, smartphone etc.

If you are using the control system in your living area (living area thermostats), you simply set the desired temperature in the living area and our reliable technology does the rest for you. The modular design allows an extension of up to four mixed heating circuits. Boiler and buffer controls are of course included in the standard equipment. Software up-dates are supported and free of charge during annual servicing.

Speed Regulation Fan

In Biotech pellet boilers a speed regulation fan is mounted at the upper end of the boiler. This ensures a constant vacuum in the boiler independent of the chimney draft. A high degree of efficiency and constant combustion conditions are thus ensured.

Regulated Feed Auger

This transports the pellets into the combustion chamber. This system guarantees 100 % burn-back protection because the material flow of the pellets between the burner and the pellet storage tank is completely disconnected at two places:

  1. in the fall path after the auger
  2. in the VacuTrans System, between the pellet tank and pellet storage space (after switching off the VacuTrans the suction pipe is almost empty!)
The Pellet Transport System: Vacu-Trans

A high performance suction turbine moves the pellets from the storage room to the pellet tank in the boiler. The suction line may be up to cca 20 m in hose length.

Advantages of the system:

  • free installation of the boiler independent of the location of the pellet storage room
  • the various architectural issues can be easily resolved
  • no obstacles in corridors and surfaces due to the position of transport augers.
Automatic Boiler Cleaning

Only a boiler with clean walls ensures a good transfer of heat to the heating water. The built-in boiler cleaning system switches on automatically and cleans the heat exchanger of any fly ash residues deposited on the boiler walls. No manual boiler manipulation or scrubbing is required. Everything is done by the Biotech Pellet System automatically on a daily basis.