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Company History

It was back in 1997 when the Biotech founders understood the enormous potential of pellet heating and renewable energy. In the garage of one of Biotech founders, Thomas Padinger, they started working on a customised boiler with the aim of making biomass heating systems accessible also to single-family homes, thus developing a heating system based on an energy carrier that at the time was still little known.

The requirements on power technology proved to be ambitious from the outset: heating systems had to be space-saving, independent of spatial conditions, with a simple design, easy to use, equipped with a smart control and able to deliver the highest possible efficiency, also for the sake of sustainability.

Now Biotech can look back on a fifteen-year success story. Advancements in technology led to innovative developments such as the DCC – dual combustion control®. The unique combustion system enables low emissions together with low consumption. Thus the DCC®has become an integral, indispensable part of every Biotech boiler.