Features of Biotech Woodchip Heating Systems

Perfect Combustion

The woodchip is conveyed into the combustion chamber by a lateral chute which is controlled by a fuel sensor. After combustion, the ash in the chamber is automatically removed by a step grate. The primary and secondary air which is required for optimum combustion is automatically detected and regulated by the control unit using the fuel sensor, the lambda probe and the temperature sensors – operation of the system is therefore regulated automatically. Fuel ignition is fully automatic using a hot air fan.


The Automatic Cleaning System

The optimum use of heat is ensured by a bundle heat exchanger which is cleaned automatically. The performance therefore remains high and emissions levels remain low. This saves fuel and protects the environment. 

More information on the automatic cleaning system.


Operation Safety

A back-burn prevention valve in the drop shaft ensures that the fire stays where it should be. This closes automatically in the event of ignition, residual embers, failure or shut-down – thus guaranteeing the highest level of safety. The temperature safety switch and the temperature sensor on the top side of the stoker auger release the safety valve and ensure that the contents of the stoker auger are conveyed into the combustion chamber. An integrated exhaust fan ensures there is a vacuum and the exhaust fumes are properly channelled into the chimney. The modes of operation are controlled and monitored by an advanced microprocessor control unit.
More information on operation safety.

Mehr Informationen zur Betriebssicherheit


Fast to install

Compact, light, flexible – the installation of your heating is fun, and is can also kind on your wallet. Thanks to the simple and quick assembly you can save even before you start heating.


Easy to operate

The microprocessor control unit with its user friendly controls ensures a fully automatic operation all year round.
Three main operational modes with submenus give you a number of control options. Personalised parameters can easily be set on the clearly designed menus for the buffer, boiler and heating circuits.