Biotech – The Company

A Salzburg based manufacturer of high quality pellet and woodchip heating systems, we offer complete solutions for private and commercial applications with power output ranges from 2 kW up to 200 kW. In addition to our standard systems, our product portfolio includes tailor-made energy producing technology which also includes accumulators, solar technology and container solutions. As a leading company and holder of ISO 9001:2008 certificates, we are focused on continuous research and development driven by the need to ensure reliability and sustainability.

Our sustainable, cost efficient and environmentally friendly equipment is manufactured with gretat attention to detail and enjoys the support of most European countries.

Biotech founders are convinced that environmental considerations and leading technology must be consistently combined, in every respect! Thanks to their continuous technological developments, Biotech pellet, wood log and wood chips heating systems are optimised to achieve high efficiency while at the same retaining a low emission level. This is why our products have received international awards such as the Austrian eco label, the French Grand Prix de l’Innovation and many others.

Where does Biotech operate?